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10 Jul 2017

A Glance at Faux Finishing Techniques


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Posted By Aida F.

Faux finishing is a popular painting technique for several reasons. First, it's an inexpensive way to update a room. Second, it's a DIY project that most homeowners can complete with little or no assistance.

Faux painting describes a wide range of decorative painting techniques that originally began as a way to replicate expensive material, such as marble, leather and wood. Today, faux painting has expanded to include many other decorative finishes.

Some of the most popular faux painting techniques include:

Marbleizing or Faux Marbling
This technique replicates marble. It is accomplished using plaster and glaze techniques. The technique uses oil paints and glazes. The oil paints and glazes allow it to dry slowly and create softly blended edges and colors. The marble veins are created by dragging the edge of a feather through the paint. Simultaneously, water drops splattered in the paint create the look of natural flaws in the stone. It's a simple process with a dramatic effect. Because it can look overwhelming in large areas, painting experts suggest applying marble faux finishing to small areas.

This technique is used to imitate exotic or hard-to-find wood varieties.

Color Wash
Color Washing is extremely popular as it has minimal restrictions. It is a free-form technique that incorporates the use of multiple hues of glaze blended together with a paint brush.

Rag Painting
This technique is a glazing technique. It uses twisted or bunched up rags to create a textural pattern. This technique is a favorite of beginner DIYers and for those on a tight budget as there are limited supplies necessary to purchase.

Additional Faux Painting Ideas

Brick Faux Finish
This technique is perfect for covering up imperfect or uneven walls. It will hide most imperfections on walls.

Leather Faux Finish
More time consuming than most faux finishing techniques as several coats are necessary. Additionally, several specialized tools are necessary for this technique.

Suede Faux Finish
Suede faux finish produces a beautiful finish. However, many homeowners note that it scratches easily as it is a soft and delicate finish.

Clouds Faux Finish
This cheery technique is great for a baby or child's bedroom.

Silk Faux Finish
This technique incorporates a tinted metallic glaze into the final finish. Be aware that this technique takes 3 days to apply as time is needed between coats to allow for complete drying.


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